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investment Boutique Acquiring distressed investments, And Providing liquidation services and corporate advisory

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Distressed Investments

Cerato invests in illiquid and difficult assets, predominantly in legacy situations where other investors seek to dispose of their investments or the assets might not suit the business strategy. Investments comprise both equity stakes in companies, as well as debt claims against borrowers.

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Liquidation Services

Cerato acquires special purpose vehicles (SPV) and/or corporate structures to liquidate them on its own account, immediately releasing the seller from any administrative tasks, providing it additional capital and freeing up its management time enabling him to focus on his core business.

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Corporate Advisory

Cerato provides corporate advisory for third parties. Advisory services include but are not limited to due diligence for sellers or buyers, restructuring or operative transformation of remaining organisational structures, processes and/ or resources on seller side.

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Cerato is an owner run boutique investment management firm established in 2015. Its focus is to provide solutions for the tail end of the investment process. Cerato acquires legacy assets and takes over SPVs/ corporate structures with the purpose to liquidate them.


Our Advantages


Funded & Multijurisdictional

Cerato is fully equity funded, targeting deal sizes up to EUR 5m and has multi jurisdictional capabilities, both in investment and liquidation.


Long-Term Experience

Cerato‘s management team has on average +15 years of industry experience and has executed/advised on workout and distressed situations with an aggregate volume of over EUR 20bn.


Reliable & Fast

Cerato is a reliable partner. We distinguish ourselves by our expeditious due diligence and fast decision process, and our ability to make decisions in situations of incomplete information.

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Fritz Obermüller
Managing Partner & Founder

14 years of experience in distressed loans and CMBS Special Servicing with a focus on restructuring and liquidation of real estate loans. Before founding Cerato he was Head of Business Development Europe for the US online real estate platform and worked at Hatfield Philips and Hudson Advisors. Qualified German lawyer, MBA and MRICS.

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Gunther Kotz
Managing Partner

15 years of industry experience in real estate finance and workout of CMBS loans. Prior to Cerato, Gunther headed the Special Servicing Department of Hatfield Philips/Situs. Initially, he worked as real estate finance lawyer. Qualified German lawyer and CFA charterholder.

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Dr. Julius Freiherr Grote
Managing Director

16 years of experience in distressed assets with focus on asset management, credit management, and leasing. Initially top management consulting with focus on operative advisory. Before joining Cerato, Julius had been Managing Director for HETA Asset Resolution in Bulgaria, spearheading portfolio sales and work out.

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EUR Mio. of aggregated volume of claims against borrowers acquired


Transactions acquiring minority stakes from private equity funds executed


Unsecured/secured engagements in several European jurisdictions acquired